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    This post is 2 hours and 40 minutes late, the update was released at 5:00 PM PST with success.

    As of April 16th, our iteration of EternalCraft is officially released. A couple months ago, during Christmas, we launched the EternalCraft survival server, but that was EternalCraft beta. EternalCraft beta lacked some of the finishes that EternalCraft official release will have, such as the lack of the 4 other gamemodes, or the lack of an aesthetically pleasing forum. Our IP has also been changed to:

    However, although the server may be officially released, the update is still in beta. One should expect to encounter bugs, errors, or missing / unnecessary features in this update. It’s also possible that the server may crash or be on whitelist. Before we begin, I’ll address these two small changes.

    Forums: Our new forums is This forum is highly temporary and will be removed as soon as we have a wordpress or some other permanent forum up. We will also no longer be supporting as our server’s forum due to noticeable lack of aesthetics + features. We are looking for new mods, and yes, it is free to apply. Donor does not influence chance of getting moderator.

    Store: Our buycraft store’s link has been changed to We will continue adding + listing donor features there.

    Official Skype Group: If you encounter any bugs during this time, the fastest way to contact all the moderators at once is to join this skype group:

    Update: As part of our update, we have released the following gamemodes: Prison, Creative, and Minigames.

    Survival: As of right now, Survival remains relatively unchanged, but we will be adding many new features to this branch, such as better utilization and purpose of money, crackshot kits for MobArena, possibly custom crafting some items, and some general optimization of the server to better reflect the gamemode type.

    Creative: Creative is mostly the same as before for now. Members will not be able to use certain blocks that donors will be able to. There are also three sizes of plots (32×32, 64×64, 100×100), each with their money cost. Right now you can gain money by voting or by playing and receiving money ever 10 minutes. Although this may seem boring for now, a look at our drawing board could easily tell anyone that soon Creative will be a strong competitor against the other servers.

    Minigames: Our Minigames server offers the following minigames: minigames HungerGames, SkyWars, Building Game (same as Build Battle), and the custom made GunPvP. We will also be introducing SkyBlock in a later update, so it would be wise to stock up on money now.

    HungerGames: Hunger Games is a gamemode where players try to be the last man standing. Right now HungerGames features only one map, set in a small town with some dusty hills. Our build team will shortly be creating an alternate map for this gamemode.

    SkyWars: Skywars is a game where all players spawn on islands and try to be the last one to die. Skywars so far features the maps Trees and Frozen. As the maps say, trees is forest themed while frozen is ice themed. There will be kits availible on SkyWars soon.

    Building Game: Building game is where you and your friends are given a word and you and your friends have to build what the word is (for example, if the word is house, then you’d build a house). The person with the most vote wins. Right now we offer only 1 map that can accomodate up to 8 players.

    Gun PvP: Gun PvP is a never-ending free for all gamemode where ALL players have guns in some way, shape, or form (even armor could be a gun). Although there is no winner, this gamemode is quick paced and jam packed with action. Donors will be able to get special donor kits, but all kits have their own downsides and upsides.

    Prison: Ever missed old prison? Well, prison is back with the old map! We have mines A – D setup for now, but we will be adding mines all the way up to L and above. We did a small change however. The naming scheme now goes from A to D, instead of D to A to L, but the mines that people access first are still the same. So you might wondering about the crackshots. Are there still Marks of Death? Are there drugs? There are all in the Prison server right now. But the only issue is that some of these features, such as the Mark of Death is for rank D or higher, so there may be a bit of unlocking involved. However, shivs, explosive picks, hooks, darts, and some new crackshots are already in place :). Cell renting is also the same, and rank D can purchase plots in the plotme world. Prices are also different than old prison.

    What’s the next update going to be?

    Our next objective is to strengthen the gameplay of each of our servers and give them a unique spin. Right now, we’ve only started in the path of old EC, but one day
    my staff team and I hope that we create a truly eternal server. Thanks for reading!

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    I don’t play on you guys server much but uhh… Why not use Discord for your players? I feel like that would be a bit easy to setup then just using mostly skype for just bugs. Might as well use Discord and kill two birds with one stone. That way you won’t only have a place to report bugs and such, but somewhere that everyone may talk when free.

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    Discord is better than Skype in regards to games and game servers, which is what this is.
    Rather than having one big Skype cluster fuck group, where anyone can and will do anything, just get a Discord server where you can set it up to however you want to.
    I prefer Skype as a social platform, but for fuck’s sake lads, Discord was literally made with gaming in mind.

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    I was just wondering. What’s the wecommend amount of dedicated Wam you use for the Server?

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