Forum Rules


Disclaimer: The below may change without obvious notice. If there is something missing, contact any administrator on forums or on Skype.


The rules include but are not limited to the below.



1. No Spamming of creating Topics or Comments. Use an edit button if appropriate.

2. No Advertising other Minecraft Services. This includes Servers, Accounts, and all other types of Advertisement that can be risky or involve with real life money. This also includes no posting untrusted links.

3. Respect all members on the community, regardless of their; rank, opinion, racial background etc.

4. No Posts containing PG-13 stuffs (things that players under 13 shouldn’t know). There are children in this forum. If you want to post one in Off Topic, please give a warning such as [PG-13 content] Tag, so children won’t open it.

5. Do not Necro-Post! (Necro-Post = Bumping inactive topics or old topics that have been open for more than 1 months with unecessary replies.)

6. Read and use the forum sections properly! Make sure you post your topics and replies in the right section!

7. Do not post an entire log of your minecraft game! Please use to reduce spam on the forums!

8. Use your in-game name on the forums. It’s much easier for moderators help players and solve issues quickly!

Extra Info:

– Any Violations Of Above rules should be reported to forum administrators and helpers.

– Rule 3 applies to ban appeals, mod applications etc.

– Helping a Blocked user post their comments can result your account to be terminated.

-Violations of Rule 4 will lead to the removal of the post and the poster will be punished.

Ban Appeals, Mod Applications and Comments:

Regarding Comments;

1- Using comments to disrespect another member or group will be removed and punishment on the poster will follow.

2- “BUMPS” – Are only to be used ONCE a DAY

Regarding Mod Applications And Ban Appeals;

1- Making multiple account(s) to reply yourself on a mod application will be punished by the instant withdrawal of your application.

2- Comments such as:
– “You’ll be un-banned soon”

– “The hacker will be banned”

are not to be used by members without a position to do so


Chat Box:

1- No Swearing.

2- No Spamming.

3- No Disrespectful comments.

4- No Advertising. (Mod Application, Ban Appeal)


Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!