Communicating with a moderator


As communication is key to development and progress, it is extremely important to know how to let a moderator know something is wrong or something needs to be fixed. Here are some tips on how to do that effectively.

Do not:

  • Salute or greet moderators by private message. (/msg, /tell, /whisper) Instead; use main chat.
  • Begin conversations by asking, “May I ask you a question?” It takes an extra 2 messages to get the point across. Instead; use, “Hi <moderator>, I need help with<issue>.
  • Repeat the mod name excessively to gain their attention. Instead; just say what you need. (Example: “Born, can you fix HG?”)
  • Spam the moderator to get your question answered. If you see the mod is busy or flooded with questions, send him/her a mail with /mail send <moderator> instead; or create a forum post.
  • Ask only questions relevant to the EternalCraft server. Don’t ask questions such as, “How do I make a server?” We are not tech support.
  • Rage or use caps if you’ve encountered a glitch and lost your items. Moderators are not the cause of such glitches, and try their absolute best to help you.

This doesn’t just apply for the server, it can be a very effective way of communicating in person too.

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