Server Commands


Updated 6/6/2014

General Commands

/bal – Shows your balance.
/pay [player] [amount] – Pays the provided player the provided amount of money.
/sell hand  Sells the provided item to the server.
/worth – Lists the worth of an item.
/afk – Lists you as afk.
/kit tools – Provides you with 10 torches, 1 bread, and 1 stone pickaxe.
/help [page] – Lists few server commands.
/ignore [player] – Blocks messages from the provided player.
/lagmem – Check lag levels, if its 20 TPS the server has no lag.
/msg [player] [message] – Sends a message to the provided user with the provided message.
/r [message] – Sends a reply to the latest message with the provided message.
/ciWarning: Clears your inventory.
/suicideWarningKills your player.
/tpa [player] – Sends a request to the provided user to teleport to them.
/tpahere [player]Sends a request to the provided user to teleport to you.
/tptoggle – Disables requests to teleport from other users.
/spawn Teleports you to the server spawn.
/warp [name] – Warps you to a waypoint.
/warp list – Displays all available warps.
/sethomeSets a location for you to do /home.
/home – Teleports you to your /sethome location.

LWC Commands (Block Protection)

Protect-able Items (11): Chests, Trapped Chests, Furnaces, Dispensers, Droppers, Hoppers, Brewing Stands, Signs, Doors, Trap Doors, Fence Gates.

/cprivate – Locks the item with a protection only you can access.
/cpublic – Locks the item with a protection anyone can access.
/cremove – Removes the protection on an item you own.
/cmodify [user1, user2, user3, etc.] – Adds the provided user(s) to the protection list of an item.
/cpassword [password] – Locks the item with a password protection only people with the password can access.
/cunlock [password] – Unlocks the item with the correct password for you to access.
/cinfo – Displays information on the locked item.
/climits – Displays the amount of locked items you have.
/credstone – Disables the item to be powered by redstone.
/cautoclose – Auto-closes the selected door.


AuthMe Commands (Account Security)- Only works in the Lobby (Hub).

/register [passwordHere] – Registers the account with the provided password.
/login [password] – Logs in your account to play.
/logoutLogs out your account safely.
/changepassword [Old] [New] – Changes your password to the provided password.
/email add [Email] [ConfirmEmail]  Adds an email for password recovery.
/email change [Old] [New]  Changes a former email to another provided email.
/email recovery [Email]  Resets the password for your account and sends it to your email.

Towny Commands

Resident Commands:

/resident ?Resident help menu.
/resident list – List all residents of a town.
/resident – View your resident information.
/resident friend [add/remove] [name]  Add an online resident as your friend.
/resident friend [add+/remove+]  Add an offline resident as your friend.
/plot toggle [pvp/fire/explosion/mobs]  Toggles plot properties.
/plot set perm [friend/ally/outsider/resident] [on/off] Sets plot permissions.
/plot set perm [on/off]  Sets overall plot permissions.
/plot [forsale/notforsale]  Sets a plot on sale or not for sale.
/town – Lists the town’s info.
/town leave – Remove yourself  from a town as a resident.
/towny map Show town map.
/towny pricesView town pricing.

Mayor Commands:

/towny prices – View town pricing.
/town new [name]  Creates a town with the provided name.
/town set name [name] – Change town name.
/town  Town information.
/town add [user] – Add a particular resident to your town.
/town deposit [amount]  Deposit money into the town bank.
/town claim  Claim an additional town plot.
/town unclaim  Unclaim a town plot.
/towny map – Map of the town.
/resident set mode map – Pops the map up in chat when walking between plots.
/resident set mode reset – Turn off map popping up in chat.
/town set taxes [amount]  Sets the daily tax owed by residents.
/town set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [on/off] – Set town permissions.
/town set perm [on/off] – Set overall town permissions.
/town set mayor [resident-name] – Transfer Mayor status to another player.
/town rank [add/remove] [resident-name] assistant – Add or remove the assistant rank from a resident.
/town set board [message] – This is displayed user players when they view your town details.
/town set homeblock  This moves the central home block.
/t set spawn – Sets the town spawn.
/town kick [playername] – To remove a resident from a town.

Nation Commands:

/nation – Displays info on your nation.
/nation ? – Shows Nation Commands.
/nation list – Displays all the nations.
/nation online – Displays the online people in the nation.
/nation [name] – Displays information of the listed nation.
/nation leave – Causes a town to leave the nation, or to make the nation fall.
/nation deposit – Deposits money to a nation bank.
/nation new [name] – Creates a new nation with the provided name.
/nation rank add [name] [assistant/helper] – Promote a resident to assistant or helper.
/nation add [name] – Invites a town to the nation.
/nation kick [name] – Kicks a town from the nation.
/nation ally [add/remove] [name] – Adds or removes an ally nation.
/nation enemy [add/remove] – Adds or removes an enemy nation.
/nation set king [name]Sets the king of a nation.
/nation set capitalSets the capital of a nation.
/nation set taxes – Sets the nation tax to towns.
/nation set name [name] – Changes the nation name.
/nation set title [name] [title] – Sets a prefix to a user in nation/town chat.
/nation set surname [name] [title] – Sets a suffix to a user in nation/town chat.
/nation tag – Sets a nation chat tag.
/nation toggle neutralToggles nation neutrality.

Towny Chat Commands:

/tc [text] – Speak in town chat.
/nc [text] – Speak in nation chat.
/tcAuto-speak in town chat.
/nc – Auto-speak in nation chat.

EasyEnchant Commands

/ee – Lists EasyEnchant commands and information.
/ee list – Lists all of the possible enchantments, maximum levels, and their belonging tools.
/ee cost [enchantment] [level] – Lists the price of the enchantment at the provided level.
/ee [enchantment] [level] – Enchants the selected item with the provided enchantment and provided level.
/ee leave – Leaves the enchantment session (fixes being stuck).
/ee break – Breaks the enchantment table you are selecting.

Arena Commands

Mob Arena

/ma join – Joins the Mob Arena.
/ma spectate – Spectates the Mob Arena.
/ma leave – Leaves the Mob Arena.
/ma notready – Displays players who have not yet hit the block.
/ma arenas – Displays the online Mob Arenas.

Horse Protection Commands

/horse – Lists all of the Horse Protection commands.
/horse list  Lists the ids of all your protected horses.
/horse setid [id] [newid]  Changes an id of a protected horse to another provided id.
/horse unprotect [id]  Unprotects the horse with the provided id.

BuyCraft (Donating In-Game)

/buy page [1-3]  Browse through our donating packages.
/buy [id] – Buy one of our donating packages.

Prison Server commands

/rankup – Makes you rankup. Must have the required amount of funds!

/srm addmember (name) (cellname) – Adds the specified person to your cell! Beware this allows them full access to their chests.

/srm remmember (name) (cellname)- Removes the specified person from your cell.

Faction Server Commands

/f the factions base command

/f l,list [page=1] list all factions
/f f,faction [faction=you] show faction information
/f p,player [player=you] show player information
/f join <faction> [player=you] join faction
/f leave leave your faction
/f home teleport to faction home
/f map show territory map
/f create <name> create new faction
/f name <new name> set faction name
/f desc <desc> change faction description
/f sethome set the faction home
/f open [yes/no=toggle] set if invitation is required to join
/f invite <player> [yes/no=toggle] set if player is invited
/f kick <player> kick player from faction
/f title <player> <title> set player title
/f promote <player> promote lesser members in your faction
/f demote <player> demote lesser members in your faction
/f officer <player> make player officer
/f leader <player> [faction=you] set leader for faction
/f sc,seechunk see the chunk you stand in
/f claim [radius=1] [faction=you] claim land where you stand
/f autoclaim [faction=you] autoclaim when walking
/f unclaim unclaim land where you stand
/f unclaimall unclaim all land
/f access manage access
/f access v,view view access
/f access p,player <player> [yes/no=toggle] grant player access
/f access f,faction <faction> [yes/no=toggle] grant faction access
/f ally <faction> set relation wish to another faction
/f truce <faction> set relation wish to another faction
/f neutral <faction> set relation wish to another faction
/f enemy <faction> set relation wish to another faction
/f perm [faction=you] [perm=all] [relation=read] [yes/no=read] change perms
/f flag [faction=you] [flag=all] [yes/no=read] manage faction flags
/f disband [faction=you] disband faction

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