Mod Ranks


“Trials” are voted by the mod team.

We are constantly looking for people who help in-game and forums. People who seems like a good fit for the mod team will be approached.


Basic Knowledge/Common Sense:
  • Has to know nearly every single command in game for players and donors
  • Has to know everything about the game Minecraft [crafting etc]
  • Has to be able to learn for himself and research solutions for himself without any help
  • Has to know Towny and Nations [commands, how it works etc]
  • Has to report to higher ranked moderators on server issues [people cheating etc] to Guardian Plus
  • Has to warn anyone who breaks the server rules
Server Requirements:
  • Has to have been on the server for 1 month minimum.
  • Has to have no bans.
Attitude Requirements:
  • Has to be willing to help
  • Has to be friendly
  • Has to remain neutral to aggression [ie won’t fight or get angry]
  • Has to show no sign of arrogance, confidence is good but too much is not good
  • Has to love the server enough to have the guts to turn their back on their friends.



If you are looking for perks or simply wanting to be moderator just for your own personal benefits then we highly recommend you not to even think about applying let alone think about being a moderator. There are no privileges for these people, no creative, no free money or stuff, NOTHING. Think several times before you believe if you have the resolve in you to accept this position.

What to expect:

Trials along with other mods will be routinely checked on the quality of how they perform. If they fall below standards there will be a 3 strike rule. Get striked out 3 times and you will be demoted. If you are chosen, expect to be harassed by Guardian Plus mods. If you are looking to benefit yourselves, expect to be cut down from the team.

We recommend to follow Bender’s advice to maximize your chances of getting selected.

When you are ready to apply click HERE



Trials will be promoted to “Expert” when their recruiter thinks they’re ready. Some of the duties of Experts are:

  • Include all the duties of a TrialMod.
  • Must help Trials with something they’re struggling in, or do not understand.
  • Muting, kicking, or jailing players who break the rules.


GuardianMods can only be elected by other mods, or by the Manager, and they are responsible for the safety of the server. Their tasks include:

  • Muting, kicking or Banning players that don’t behave well. They can do so either temporarily or permanently.
  • Testing, reporting and providing solution to glitches in the server.
  • Adding / Removing warps for donors.
  • Changing nicknames for donors.
  • Giving tags (Lurer / Griefer / Scammer / Cheater) to people who break the rules.
  • Removing abandoned locked doors, chests, etc…
  • Spawning Withers.

Admins are elected by HeadMods or by the Manager. Some of their duties are:

  • Fixing in-game issues.
  • Setting up shops.
  • Serving as a point of references to other mods.
  • Is also capable of assisting players with World Edit token requests.

HeadMods can only be elected by the Manager and the other HeadMods in unanimous voting. Their duties include:
  • Installing, configuring, updating and disabling plugins.
  • Restarting server and fixing back end issues.
  • Responsible for overall server gameplay and strategy.

The Manager can only be elected by the ServerOwner, or by being chosen by an outgoing Manager. Their duties include:
  • Planning updates and features for their branch
  • Providing leadership and being a role-model for all moderators and players globally
  • Working with other Managers to improve EC

*Note: Managers may not interfere with another server branch, unless they are a moderator there as well

Here is a list of the current mods we have recruited in our server, all from Head Moderators to Expert mods! These mods have earned a place  in the mod team and have successfully retained their rank! When mods come and leave this is where you can find out!

-Click here for the mods-

PS: TrialMods weren’t added because:

                [2:08:13 PM] Skills641: trial just means you have your foot in the door, you aren’t in the house yet.


We hope you’ve learned a little about how to become a TrialModerator!


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