These are some commonly asked questions on the server, and this is the page where they are answered. More questions/answers will be added over time.

(Updated: Feb. 14, 2015)


Survival FAQ

Q: How can I be a trialmod/Moderator?

A: 1st: You need to be active. 2nd: You need to follow the rules.3rd: Be Well known In the server. No one would like a trial mod if they don’t know that player. A recruiter will address you once they think you are ready. Try following Bender’s Guide to maximize your chance of being selected as a moderator.


Q: Where can I find a list of commands for the server?

A: You can do /help in-game or go to http://eternalcraft.com/player-commands/ (If you are a donor then you can also go to this for info on your ranks available commands http://eternalcraft.com/donor-commands/ )

Q: How can I make money on the server?

A: In the Survival Server, you can do /sell hand, while holding/selecting a melon slice, pumpkin, sugar cane, cocoa beans, potato, carrot, wheat, etc . You would recieve some cash! (You can also go to mob arena with /ma to get xp and cash at the same time! Its a win-win situation!)


Q: How can I make shops?

A: You can create shops by donating $10 or more, with a Gold rank or higher. More info on donating is here.


Q: How can I create my own town?

A: You can make your own town by doing /t new [name]. It costs 70k$ (70,000$) to create one, and 4,000$ every 24 hours real-time for upkeep. Type /towny prices for further information.


Q: How can I see the entire server map?

A: You can see this with Dynamic Map, for seeing Survival or Creative servers. (Also located at the top of the page on the website.)


Q: Where do I build?

A: You can build in towns. If you build in the wilderness, you can get griefed.


Q: How to get in a town?

A: You need to ask for a person who owns a town or an assistant in a town. You can make a town when you have $70000 and just do /t new (name)


Q: I’m already in a town, but I can’t build anywhere in town?

A: You need to have a particular plot in the town which is 1 chunk, or you need to be assistant/mayor in the town.


Q: I don’t know where my town is, how can I go there?

A: You can simply do /t spawn   to teleport to your town’s spawn. If your spawn is not created, you will have to check in the dynamic map. Or you can click this link:http://eternalcracked.com/index.php/174-2/


Q: The town spawn isn’t working! It says town travel is forbidden, what should I do?

A: You must be at wild, you need to do /spawn first, then do /t spawn , if that didn’t work, try re-logging. If that does not work ,  tell a Moderator!


Q: I need some things, where can I mine/find wood?

A: You can go to /wild , which is a place with supplies we need. The /wild is going to be cleared every month, so you wouldn’t want to build your house there.


Q: I want to earn money, but how?

A: Earn money by doing /sell hand , while holding a farm item (sugar cane, melons, potatoes, carrots, etc.). Or you can kill mobs too.


Q: I want to earn money easier, I cant find many mobs, where is the best place for this?

A: You can go to the Mob Arena by /ma j (MA1 or Boss) , mobs will be spawned automatically many times there. You won’t lose anything either.


Q: I need some rare items, where can I get them easily?

A: You can buy horse armors or saddles in donor shops. There are several donor shops that sells rare things, you can get there by using the /warp command (Ex: /warp ashop).


Q: I don’t want someone else to open my chests, how can I do it?

A: There are several things you can lock (Chests, fence gates, doors, furnaces, and brewing stands) so that no one can access your items. Do /lock then left-click the block.


Q: I want only my friend and I to open my chest, how?

A: After you locked it, do /cmodify (Friend’s Username) And left-click the block.



Creative FAQs

Q: I do not have creative mode, can someone make me creative?

A: You can do /gm 1 or /creative


Q: I want to build, where do I build?

A: You need a plot, the first plot is 16X16, do /plotme claim in a specific plot, or just do /plotme auto


Q: I need more building space, where can I get a new plot?

A: You can buy a bigger plot. The 32X32 sized plot costs $10000 in-game money, and the 100X100 costs $40000 in-game money.


Q:How to get money?

A: You get money every 10 minutes. Each 10 minutes, you get $300 in-game money , However, if there is an Admin online and sufficient players In-Game, They may host a quickbuild Competition , Which you can earn money there!


Q: Where can I find the bigger plot world?

A: You can see a sign in /spawn   Or manually do /warp builder (32X32)   Or /warp architect (100X100)


Q: I want to go to a specific plot and I have the plot’s ID, what is the command for it?

A: You can do /plotme tp (PlotID) (PlotID).


Q: I want to add my friend to my plot, but I don’t know how…

A: Do /plotme add (PlayerName)


Q: I want to remove a friend from my plot, how do I do it?

A: Do /plotme remove (PlayerName)


Q: How do I change my plot biome?

A: You can simply do type in /p biome (biomeName)


Q: How do I see a list of biomes for my plot?

A: You can do /p biomelist


Q: How do I get a player off my plot?

A: You can simply type in /p deny (Username)


Q: How do I get rid of my own plot?

A: You can type in /plot dispose (Caution You will not own that plot)



Factions FAQs

Q: How do I earn money?

A: You can kill mobs and sell items. The list of items that can be sold to the server by /sell hand can be found on the Forums Factions page.

Q: I keep getting raided! Why can’t I just live peacefully?

A: Factions is all about raiding other players and get rich off it, if you do not like the system, Factions might not be the right place for you.

Q: The shops are really confusing, can’t I just purchase items in a shop?

A: There is still a /warp shop. But there are several items that cannot be bought there, like guns, you can ask our fellow moderators for help!

Q: The mods doesn’t want to help me defend my base from a raid! What help do they even provide?

A: They do not assist you in gameplay, but they help on playing the game. Therefore, if mods were to attack your base, it is still your gameplay, and it is also because moderators are not robots, they are players, too. (Just knew?)


Prison FAQs




If you have any other questions or issues , You can ask a Moderator/Admin or any player in-game at mc.eternalcracked.com .

For any issues or questions In the creative server, You can ask a Moderator/Admin or any player in-game at mc.eternalcracked.com Or simply type /p help.


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