EC is shutting down

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Dec 142015

I have decided to shut down EternalCraft on January 2nd 2016. I feel it’s time for me to let go of this responsibility and focus on my personal life. I tried to soften this transition by finding a new owner, but I have waited a long time and I really don’t see anyone lining up to take my place, so I am sorry I have to do it this way.

I will shut down the server after our anniversary on January 2nd 2016. The website will remain functional so you guys can keep in touch and hopefully our community will reemerge. Anybody is welcome to organize the community to migrate to a new server not hosted by me, so I guess advertising is allowed now, but no scams.

I am upgrading all donorships to Emerald and if any donors feel they need a refund they can contact me at my paypal email and I will handle refunds on a case by case basis.

Overall, I am very satisfied with what we accomplished during my time at EC and I will cherish all the valuable memories and lessons learned. We had a great run.

To all the community: it has been an honor to serve you. I always felt loved and appreciated by all of you. I did my best to bring you the best experience I could with the resources I had. You were the reason that kept me going for 4 years.

To all the mod team: you guys made this happen! You guys work harder that most adults I have met in my life and I can guarantee you that once you guys face the real world you will kick ass! I hope you remember me when you become successful CEOs of large corporations.

For those that want to know what’s going on in my life: I started EC 4 years ago when I was working at a call center and I had time between calls to manage the server. It was fun to play Minecraft after work because I had friends to play with. My friends stopped playing but I kept managing EC for the community and for the challenges it presented. 2 years ago something clicked, it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly, but I guess I went through a phase I can only describe as “finding myself”. My goals became clearer and I started working towards them. I lost a lot of weight, I learned how to dress myself properly, I studied to earn a programming certificate and worked my ass off for a year, and I am very fortunate to be working as a programmer now, I am very appreciated at my place of work and I bring great value to the team. I want to focus my time on becoming a better developer, climb up the ladder and finally buy a house and raise a family. I haven’t played a videogame in months, and honestly I don’t feel the need to. Whenever I play a new videogame I don’t feel satisfied anymore. I have turned my own life into my favorite game, I have been leveling up for the past two years and anything that keeps me from leveling up isn’t fun for me anymore. It’s weird, but I love this new feeling of pushing forward and I can only wish you guys get to experience the same I did cause it will bring so much happiness to your lives.

Anyways, guys, that’s all I had to say. Take care.


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